Matcon Systems Ltd was founded in 1995 by Colin Ford. Matcon's aim is to bridge the wide gulf between managerial and technical understanding to make business and IT systems truely intergrated.

Matcon Systems Ltd has evolved from Soft-touch which was a small company that provided specialized interface software to Dean Software for its PC financial software packages. Soft-touch also designed and wrote Easidata.

Colin's 35 year background started with IBM mainframe systems, specializing in maintaining and debugging operating systems, databases, online systems and networking. It was here that Colin developed his deep understanding of sytems architecture, capacitiy planning and the need to intergrate IT into the business model. In 1980 he started Soft-touch to maintain a technical interest in the emerging PC marketplace, using the facilities on a PC to develop software that was not possible on the IBM 3270 dumb terminal. In 1986 he became interested in Unix systems and worked extensively with AT&T's Indian Hills mainframe Unix system everntually producing a capacity performance database for Unix. At this time he also became heavily involved in virtualization both at software and hardware levels. A career move into management made him aware of the communication difficulty between managerial and technical disciplines hence the raison d'etre of Matcon Systems Ltd.

Matcon Systems Ltd has worked with many leading consultancy firms and has provided expertise to implementing Oracle financial systems into the defence industry.

Colin now consults either in a hands on or hands off capacity providing a firm technical focal point for management on all aspects of IT.

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